Happy new year, my fellow werewolves!

How’re you doing? Out here in the Shadow of Diablo we’re doing awesome! We’re starting off the year right! A celebration of meat and fellow fuzzy Americans!

Yes, it’s a new year, so I’ve decided it’s a new start to this Blog. I had a bad 2014. I don’t really want to dwell in its past, because it was a certain kind of terrible, but this is a fresh new year!

I’m going do to my best to keep this blog up to date, and see if we can’t, for once, stay on a Werewolf’s diet!

So, for the first post of 2015, I’m going to introduce you to one of my FAVORITE meals.

Meatballs: Werewolf style


1 pound of ground beef. I go for the higher fat stuff, better taste.
1 pound ground pork. I also go for the ‘sage’ variety
3-5 teaspoons dried onions
1 teaspoon italian seasoning
2 Tablespoons Worchestershire sauce
1 egg
salt – To taste
pepper – to taste


Preheat your oven to 350.

Dump everything into a bowl. I used a potato masher to mix it up, because it just made it easier. I don’t know why people say ‘to taste’ with salt and pepper when you’re dealing with raw meat, but that’s not really something werewolves have to worry about, is it? Mix everything up in your bowl really, really well. Get your hands in there if you need to, you’re a werewolf! C’mon!

Because I don’t have nearly enough utensils after the humans moved out, I’m having to use a brownie dish. No big deal, I lined it with tin foil, and just used the same tin-foil twice.

I rolled the meat into balls approximately 1.5 inches across. Easiest way to do this is to cut some off with a spoon, and roll it into a nicely compact ball. I could fit 15 of them in a standard brownie pan.

Bake for about 30 minutes. You’ll want to be sure they’re cooked all the way through.

Congrats, you’ve made really freeking good meatballs. Share them with your Pack!

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Something quick – Scallops with ground almonds and bacon.

So, one of the big problems with eating Primally is that ti takes a LOT of time! Oh my effing god, I am so tired of spending time in the kitchen.

So, I’m trying to find meals that can be thrown into a pan and finished quickly. Unfortunately…I have also learned I need a better food processor. Mine…sucks.

But, tonight’s meal was made of Scallops, almonds, bacon and parsley. No big deal, I spent less than half an hour cooking AND eating it. Prep, cooking, eating and cleanup? 40 minutes.

Alright, get yourself a pound of scallops. Doesn’t matter what kind. I got sea scallops, because they were cheaper.
Four slices of bacon.
Half a cup of almonds
a bunch of parsley.

So, cook up your bacon. Make it crisp, it’s easier that way.

Now, toss the parsley, then the almonds, then the crispy bacon into the food processor, and process until it’s like a crumble.

Now, the bacon grease? Cook your scallops in it. This is a good idea regardless of anything. Add some butter. Why? A little more salty, because salty scallops are AWESOME.

This makes about three servings. So separate it all out, and pour the crumble over the top. Then eat it. All of it. Because, I know I wasn’t able to stop, and nearly more than I should!

My food processor didn’t do anything against the parsley, but the almonds and bacon mix was amazing. A-May-Zing.

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Hey again,

So, it’s been a while hasn’t it!

The new job is so good that I can barely get any time away!

What’s been going on?

Well, I’ve been working my tail off.

I’ve joined a gym. I decided I want to get some stuff behind the stuff I’m doing. Squats, Sumo squats, some cardio (I know, I know) and a hell of a lot of water.

The people at the gym seem to be impressed with my strength. I’m pretty small, only 5’2″ but there’s a lot of muscle under the fat I carry. I do carry a massive amount of fat, which is annoying, but, I’m looking forward to trading one for another.

They say my squats are beautiful, which is good, because I’ve worked hard to have pretty squats. Now I have to do 40 of them, and…phew!

I know that it’s going to be a long journey, but, fortunately, now I have a personal trainer to do this with. I’ve cut back pretty drastically on my carbs, and I don’t drink soda anymore, except when I go out to eat, which, is now rare. It’s all water. Yeeeah, water. Hint water, when I can do that!

For a while there, I was out of touch with my wolf. I ate garbage again, I slipped. But, here I am, at 33, trying this again.

Hopefully, the blog can keep me a little more honest, and on the paws of my feet.

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The Best Green Beans

Hey fellow werewolves!

I’m sure you’re wondering how to get more veggies in your diet that don’t taste like dirt. Even wolves don’t like dirt. Okay, some of us do…But they have problems.

Today, I’ll be showing you how to make the best green beans you’ve ever eaten. My human housemate likes these, and she refuses to eat anything green.


1 1/2 pound washed fresh green beans with the nasty bits cut off. You can halve them if it makes you feel better.
1/2 pound bacon
Butter, lots of it, I’m not kidding. Like three tablespoons!
1/2 cup Diced onions
3 cloves crushed/diced garlic

First, get yourself some water boiling. You’re going to be getting your green beans cooked a little, just to make them nice and loose. Salt the water, this makes it better, I’m not sure if this is just kitchen witchery, but it’s worth the couple of pinches of salt for it. When the water is actually boiling, dump your green beans in.

In the mean time, cut the bacon strips into about one inch cubes. I tend to use these amazing Non-stick pans a Packmate gave me, yes you, rustdog, so I don’t worry about putting the bacon in the pan. I then make bacon. Lots of it. A half pound of bacon. You’ll be disappointed with how little bacon this actually makes, so if it’s near the full moon, and you’re just feeling like you need more meat in your veggies, go ahead and do a pound of bacon.

While your bacon is frying, your green beans should be a bright green color now. Green like a cat’s eyes. Bright green. When they are, take them off of the stove and strain them. Put them back into the pot, and pour cold water over them. This is to stop them from cooking any further. Now that they’re cold, shake them out in a colander again.

Go back to the bacon, take all the bacon pieces out of the bacon and put them aside on a plate. I like to put them on one of those nicely folded napkins so they can get grease all over the napkin and not my plate.

Now, while the grease is still hot…put the beans in the grease. They will sizzle, and they may spatter. You may be a little hurt by this. Come on, you’re supposed to be a werewolf, shift to your crinos form if you have to, but put the beans in the bacon grease. Fry the beans up. No, really.

Now, remember that slab of butter? Probably three or four teaspoons of it. Throw that in. That diced garlic? Put that in there too. Do you have a tube of lemongrass (If you know what I mean, then you’ve probably got it) squeeze some of that in there as well. Make sure the beans are frying evenly in the grease and butter and garlic and delicious.

When all of your beans are limp, take that bacon you took out of the grease and throw it back in. Yep. Do this thing. Add meat to your veggies.

Serve this dripping mess hot. Preferably beside a steak.

The beans are salty, squeaky, and delicious. The bacon works well, so you’ll want to be sure to use a GOOD bacon. Even our lives are too short for shitty bacon.

Let me know what you think. Also, if there’s any food you would like me to run past my Pack, let me know, I’ll be sure to do so.

Until next time, good hunting.

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After the longest night of the year…

And the first Monday.

So, I’m back. And here’s to hoping I contenue.

I have a new packmate. He’s new to this, but that’s alright. He doesn’t live with me, but rather he works with me. This will be an interesting change to how my life has been so far. I sense much in the way of food being brought to the office for snacks.

It’s been a bit of a struggle. But, I like to think that I’m back now. I’ve found a routine that works for me, and I’m going to work on that.

I’ve begun Convict Conditioning again. I like the idea of the daily body work. Beginner level once again.

I did 10 Wall pushups.
and 10 Leg Raises.

I could have done more, but I’m not 100% sure my joints would have agreed with it.

Anyway, Ghost is back, with a lot of work to do. I hope if I play my cards right, I’ll be able to create my own small Pack here.

Wish me luck!

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Alright, A lot of you know how I feel about cardio, as in, I don’t like it at all. BUT, I’ve been finding it fairly difficult to find a job recently, and I’m sure if I were thinner, people would look at me better, so I’ve started doing Insanity.

Yeah, the hardest workout I could find.

I’m going to be doing Convict Conditioning at the same time, I’ll be doing both workouts, CC before bed, Insanity, around mid day. I just wanted to share my rather crappy numbers from the Fit Test that I just did.

Kicks: 32
Deep Jacks: 16
Left Leg Hand Taps: 35
Power Jumps: 4
Globe Jumps: 5
Suicide Jumps: 4
Pushup Jacks: 0
Low Plank Obliques: 0

Now, I know that jumping and anything having to do with pushups are not my strong suit. I’ve got to really work on those. I am proud of myself for completing the 20 minute fit test. Because, I’ve not done any sort of exercise for 20 minutes in the past…few years.

So, I managed to do this. The next video is like, 40 minutes long, which…is going to be twice what I just did. But, I’m committed. I’ll post my new numbers in two weeks, and we’ll see where I stand! Smilie: :D

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Spaghetti Squash?

Alright, I love Spaghetti. A lot. I used to eat a half a package of it by myself.

Think of all those carbs. No wonder I’m 265lbs!!

So, tonight I made meatballs in a crock pot. Now, I actually like my meatballs a little…harder? than these turned out. These are moist and juicy, the way that it is for restaurants that leave their meatballs in the spaghetti for a long time. Which, y’know, occassionally, I find myself craving that.

I like spaghetti squash. Before learning I could put it in a crock pot, I’d not found a really great way of making it. Typically, I’d cook it in the microwaves in a shallow dish of water, and…well, it would either cook too much in one spot, or just not at all…

THEN! I came across a recipe for Spaghetti Squash in the crock pot, along with meatballs! One meal, one pot! Fantastic!

It cooked beautifully, the squash was all the way through, it was moist, and tender and awesome!

I used vodka sauce…because I love vodka sauce, and it makes me think of my time eating regular spaghetti. It’s salty, and creamy and awesome. But you can make your own in the pot at the same time!

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs!

1 lb Ground beef
1 lb Ground Pork
Italian Seasoning
Dried minced onions
Garlic powder
1 egg
A medium sized spaghetti squash
A spaghetti sauce of one kind or another, or make your own!

Mix the ground beef and pork together in a bowl, crack the egg and dump it in, add italian seasoning till you’re happy, and a bunch of the minced onions (I like a lot of onions) and a dash of the garlic powder. Mix till everything looks about the same. Roll into balls about an inch across.

Take the Spaghetti Squash and cut it across the short center so that you’ve got two tall halves. (Does that make sense?) Scoop out the seeds and whatnot.

Pour your spaghetti sauce into the crock pot, then put your squash cut side down into the sauce. Place the meatballs all around it, and set it on low for 7 hours.

When it’s finished, spoon out all the meatballs, and carefully (I used a flat thing for frying eggs, what are those called?) take out one half of the spaghetti squash and put it on a plate. Using a fork gently scrape out all your spaghetti! There’s a lot in there, so be sure to get it all! Be careful, your squash will be hot, I recommend using two forks for this. Repeat with the other side of the squash. You might need more spaghetti sauce to go on top, but plop some of your meatballs on there and Damn, you’ve got one fine meal!

A half a cup of Spagehtti squash has about three carbs in it, the meatballs got next to none (seriously, I’d have to whip out percentages of carbs) and the pasta sauce, well, that’s really up to you! I’d say a whole meal (A cup of Spaghetti squash, meatballs and sauce) has around 8. That’s hella under the 50 recomended for every day! Maybe we should use that up by adding a side of something green? Spinach? Collards? BROCCOLI!

Tomorrow, we’ll make low carb horchata with coconut and almonds, and try to beat this crazy heat! Werewolves do not like heat!

Everyone stay safe out there, and remember to drink plenty of water!

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My cat eats better than I do.

I’m very careful about what I feed my adorable cat, Vinnie.

She gets Blue Buffalo Senior formula, grain free wet food, filtered water in a bubbler, just for her.

She’s lean. You can feel her hip bones when you pet her, but not her spine. She’s got good muscle beneath her glossy fur, and bright eyes.

Her only real problem is earwax. Ew.

It’s been hot here, and she’s been hiding under the bed.

But, the sumup of this post is I feed my cat better than I feed myself. I still eat grains every so often, I still drink Horchata, I still like to eat high sugar items. I don’t know why I do that to myself. Why DO I do this to myself, shouldn’t I feed myself with more consideration? I mean, you can see obvious results with my cat, who used to be achey and lethargic.

She’s still no mouse catching machine, she never really has been. She much rather prefers to lay on her little pile of catnip that I’ve spread out on the floor for her!

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Alright, I’ll be the absolute first to admit, this recipe is not primal or paleo in any way, shape, or form. I don’t know how to make it so, but I really, really like this sweet starchy drink in the 102o heat we’ve got going on.

I found the recipe on a website, and adjusted it after reading up here or there.

1 1/3 cup long grain white rice
5 cups cool water
1/2 tbl – 1 tbl ground cinnamon
1 cup milk
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 tbl vanilla extract

You need an okay blender for this. But put your rice and about half your water into the blender, add the cinnamon. Blend the hell out of it. You want the rice to be broken up, and the water to no longer be clear, but kind of a milky opaque. Pour the rest of the water into the container you’re using to steep the rice in.

Put this in the fridge for at least five hours. Put it in there overnight if you can. Stir when you remember it.

Strain the horchata into the container you’re going to use for it. You can keep the rice for various rice dishes! Add the sugar, and the vanilla extract, then the milk. Give it a good stir, and pour over ice. Drink the hell out of that!

Low Carb/Vegan Version?

There are alternatives to this high carb recipe. I’ve not tried them, as I’ve only made Horchata twice now, but you BET I’ll be doing one of these low carb/vegan versions!


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New Lycanthropology

I’ve decided to just use a whole other theme upon receiving a response that ‘that’s normal’ and ‘that’s how it should be’. I didn’t like it, so now I have this theme, and it looks really nice!

Enjoy the new Lycanthropology!


So, there’s a problem with the theme that I’m using. It’s called Varg, and it’s by Poena over on

I updated WordPress, and it snapped my theme right in half!

That’s one of the reasons that I don’t update wordpress very often. Everything breaks.

So, Lycanthropology’s going to look like this for a little while, while I wait for the author to either get back to us, or find a theme I like as much. Because I already miss it!

And I’ve figured out why it’s not working properly. When the screen is smaller it runs the thing into weird places. There’s no absolute positioning. If I knew how to do that, I’d do that! But, I’m going to leave it as is!

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