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Tom Ka Hotdog?

I know, it’s been a very long time since I last updated. I’m currently unemployed again, so I’m taking that time to catch up on the things I enjoy doing. Writing this blog is one of those! I’m up late … Continue reading

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Northern California parks

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed most these days has been going to very local parks. Recently, one has come to my attention, a small park called Stoneman. Even without running on four legs, this is a lovely park. … Continue reading

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I’ll be the first to admit…

I’ve been slacking badly on this blog. Why? Because I’ve not been following any of the Primal anything that I had previously so loved. I not too long ago (one moon) lost my job. I’m having some financial stresses and … Continue reading

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Tom Kha Gai

So, I’m still healing from the fight that dropped me down a few ranks. I’ve suffered a lot of emotional upset because of this. It’s strange how something that can last for only a few minutes can mess with you … Continue reading

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Dissention in the ranks, and Trout!

It’s been a little while, but I’ve decided to put on my big wolf’s panties and start writing again. Things…have been a little difficult in the Pack. I was recently challenged, and I lost my rank. Wounds aside, I’ve fallen … Continue reading

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And we’re back…with Pot Roast.

I’ve been a bad werewolf. I’ve not been updating here. I’ve been falling back on old human habits. Ones that do not benefit me, they do not benefit my Pack. Before, living as a ‘wolf, everything was better. I had … Continue reading

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Bone Broth

So, I’m a pretty awesome pervert, and Bone Broth sounds like something out of an ERP…(Erotic Role Play) but, I finally decided to add it to my primal arsenal. I took two smoked pork femurs, tossed them into a pot … Continue reading

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Help a farm get established!

You all know how big I am on grass-fed organic goodness. I think we need a lot more small local farms doling out delicious pasture raised food in small sustainable ways. SO a friend of mine is working on building … Continue reading

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What’s been up!

So, my cortisol levels have been elevated recently, thanks to all of the stress I’ve been under. Cortisol’s a chemical that helps hang on to weight, and it’s stress related. Which, is kind of unfortunate. I have, however, been having … Continue reading

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Collard Greens

So, for those of you who don’t know, I have family roots in the south. Some of my Kin are Hillfolk. Real ones. Ones that know how to live off of the land, and survive no matter what. That’s the … Continue reading

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