Not that terrible Twilight movie…

Yesterday morning was an Eclipse. I was in my wolf form, as we, apparently per tradition, we howled to ask her to return. I guess she favored us, because she did.

It’s just one of those things you do, like brush your teeth in the morning.

We all got together again…dinner, and, the shifting was easier this time. I’ve noticed my cat doesn’t like me on the day of the full moon, as I did get a bite for absolutely no reason.

Seems to happen most around the full moon.

Also, I learned I can’t wear nail polish, the change just destroys the polish. Strange things I’m learning.

Also, I’ve noticed that Shads and Rusty started bickering as soon as we shifted. Not quite sure what that was about, and pretty sure I’m not going to find out any time soon.

Cinnamon, argh, I’m going to need to find out her human name…it’s so weird that you have to deal with two names for each person… She told me that I needed to talk with her next month, because something was supposed to happen next moon. Beats me!

Ah well. I got some mad cravings for bread, so I had a burger. I’ve gotta learn not to do that. Tomorrow, tomato soup to take with me to work!

So, nothing major this time! Just fun with the pack, hunting, and a unique ritual that I’m glad I could participate in!

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