Sore…Shifting and Steak!

So, as you may have noticed I’m taking a little bit of a break from the 21 day Transformation. Apart from my own transformation tonight (Full moon…POT LUCK! I’m bringing Bacon Wrapped Chicken, steak, and two hot dogs for the pups.

I did the PME workout…And I am SORE! It wasn’t even all that impressive (See previous post) and it made my inner thighs KILL ME. I couldn’t so much sit down as get to a point and fall into my chair! So, There was no way I was able to do any sort of cardio. I think…I’ll just take a little time, repeat day 4 a few times till I’m not ACHING SORE, and keep eating the delicious food that I’m eating now.

Ah, breakfast was a few strips of bacon, and lunch was chicken and onions cooked in the bacon grease with a little olive oil on top.


Going to have a howling good time tonight! I’ll let you all know what we’re up to tonight. I’m seriously looking forward to seeing my Pack again. I wish we did this more often than once a month!!

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2 comments on “Sore…Shifting and Steak!

  1. Gordon Guano on said:

    Hi, I got to your site from your posts at Mark’s Daily Apple (I post infrequently there as SPD), and just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU for sharing the soup recipe below. I made it tonight and it is amazingly good. I couldn’t believe how filling it is too–a bowl of it and a 4 oz steak had me satisfied and sleepy!

    Keep on eating right and being active and you’ll get to your goal! Keep up the good work!

    (And post more, I find lycanthropy fascinating Smilie: ;-) )

    • You can definately thank my friend Thorn for the recipe! She’s more of a foodie than me, so I go to her for a lot of delicious recipes.

      I’ll see if I can get her to write a guest article!

      And thanks! The new job is kicking my ass, but it’s good stuff!

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