Guess who forgot it was the full moon last night?

Yeeeah, that’d be me.

I was at work late when I got a tweet about how it was the full moon today. My phone got lost on the train, and I haven’t bothered to replace it, so I didn’t get any messages the Pack said they sent me.

So, I booked it out of there as quickly as I could, but…didn’t really make it in time.

I did manage to make it to a little park, and spent the whole night running around in circles looking for my Pack.

People say it’s because werewolves are savage that they destroy rooms when they’re isolated on the full moon, but…that’s not it at all. I just wanted my Pack. I had to find my Pack. I called and called for them. I’m sure the people living in the area are going to be on the lookout for a howling dog or something.

Fortunately, I woke up, sore, dirty, naked, and alone. I went back to my car, dressed, and took the morning off from work while I recovered.

I’m exhausted, there’s a bunch of worried emails in my inbox, along with an angry one from the Alpha female. I’ve gotta go over there and apologize this week. I’m curious as to what that’s going to entail. I’m certain it’s not going to be with words, and I’m a little worried.

Oh, so much to worry about.

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