A couple of pictures!

So, I thought I’d just share some things that I’ve seen in my recent wanderings.

Yes. ::laughs!!:: I like it.

I’ve also started reading Convict Conditioning. Sofar, I like it, because it takes into account that I’m a soft doughey werewolf who doesn’t really have the expendable income for a gym. So, I thought that it’d be awesome if I gave it a go! I’m looking forward to starting up with it. Can I even DO 3 sets of 50 wall pushups? Hey, it’s going to be a wild ride! And, being a werewolf it should make it a lot easier to do! And, a lot of fun!

I also got some art of my wolf self, Ghost. I bought it from Myenia a long time ago (MFF for those of you who know the acronym!) and I’m pretty happy with it! Not happy with how she shipped it, it was stuck in two envelopes and taped up, pretty crappy choice, as it got bent, but, hey, the art’s good.

Woo woo.

Okay, I’ll let you all know what I feel like after I start my Convict Conditioning!

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