Convict Conditioning: A wolf in a cage

So, I just finished Convict Conditioning. Yeah, the books expensive, but you can also get it for e-readers, I got mine for the kindle. Still $17.99 is a steep price to pay.

I’m not sure if there’s a wealth of information in the digital pages of the book, but it’s the way the author communicates the steps, and actually encourages the novice to sit down and at least TRY the moves in the book that really kept me reading.

The reasons behind the ‘Big Six’ are explained, anatomically, why they’re both efficient, and how to work slowly into them. For a werewolf like me, someone who’s fairly fat-bound, having a crucial ‘beginning’ step really makes or breaks the ability to do it. The author also encourages you to work very slowly, take a MONTH to really master the first move, even if you can bust out 50 push ups no problem, learn the wall pushups (the step 1, or easiest move) so that you strengthen things that you might not have noticed needed strengthening. And, for fluffywolfs like me, you work your way into it. Like the Primal Blueprint, it’s not a thing that needs to happen all at once, but it’s a lifestyle change. And, the first part of it isn’t meant to tear you up. That comes later.

With the handstand pushups.

For me, though, I’m going to start slow, comfortable, on Monday with regular wall pushups and some of the inverted squats. I’m already able to do wall pushups (I like doing them in fact!), well, to be totally honest, I can leap straight to level 5, the ‘true’ pushups, and get several of those out, but my form is bad, and I really struggle. So, back to square uno, and getting my form to be MUCH better.

We’ll see! I’m interested in building muscle. Apparently, the more muscle, the bigger the resulting werewolf. In my ‘werewolf’ form, I’m seven feet tall, my wolf is pretty big and fat too. It looks…goofy. I look like a big silver hyena.

I’m looking forward to changing that!

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