Eat like a Predator! You are one!

So, over at they’ve got a pretty basic way of living like a Werewolf. I like the way the blog’s author, a Gnoll by the name of J. Stanton recommends These Few Steps

Basically, J. Stanton gives you some advice on how to live the Paleo life, taking steps to do so. Eating like a predator is probably one of the more difficult steps.

Mainly, this is because you have to give up so much that you’re used to eating. Even I’m having trouble with it, because I tend to prefer chicken. Yes, I wrap my chicken in bacon, but I don’t think I’m getting everything I need, because you’re supposed to base your meals around red meat. Omn.

So, I’m going to start doing the meat thing a little more. I do love chicken, but I should be eating more ruminants (that’s critters who have hooves and eat grass, cows, deer, goats, sheep). I also need to learn more about organ meats, and doing things with bones. I was taught that these pieces are ‘throw away’ which means you don’t eat them. But, I’d love to learn how! I really want to learn how to make bone stock. I just haven’t had the space or the time! Once we finally get cabnients in the house, this should be quite a bit better. I’m chattering.

Salmon is also my favorite fish. I eat it by the boatload! I eat it when I can. I’ve also started adding veggies into my diet. Mainly dark green ones. I’m learning how to cook greens too, because I love them! Omn!

Sofar, I’ve managed to cut out soda entirely. I don’t drink it. I drink coffee, milk, or water. Yes, I know milk’s not the best, but I drink whole milk, and when I can get it, cream top.

I’ve also ditched the sugar from my morning coffee, and now when I try to drink it the way I used to, it’s just FAR too sweet. Which, is good I think!

I’ve also cut out seed oils from my diet. I don’t use canola, or corn oil. I use coconut oil, or bacon grease. I’ll admit, I like the bacon grease best. ^_^

I also don’t particularly like nuts, so it’s not like that’s been difficult.

I’ve still got a long way to go, especially if we’re talking about getting enough sleep! I’m such a night owl!


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