And we’re back…with Pot Roast.

I’ve been a bad werewolf.

I’ve not been updating here. I’ve been falling back on old human habits. Ones that do not benefit me, they do not benefit my Pack.

Before, living as a ‘wolf, everything was better. I had more energy, I was noticeably thinner, life was fantastic.

Then, bad things happened.

BUT! I’m working my way out of my funk. I’m working to reclaim that part of me that is Werewolf.

I am GHOST. Not the weak little human that I’m eating as.

So, I will be reclaiming myself as the were-creature I am.

And to start…it’s with Pot Roast.


Seriously. Is there anything more Primal than Pot roast? Okay, yes, there is, BBQ. Meat over a fire, eat. Not hard.

But Pot roast has the added benefit that you can jam it into a crock pot and go about re-arranging your collection of animal skulls for eight hours. (Actually, I have very few skulls, and would only need about a minute to re-arrange them…Smilie: ;) and then come back to some amazing delicious food.

The way I make Pot-Roast is simple. I grab a hunk of meat from Whole foods. That’s Grass Fed beef for those of you just joining us now. That’s Stage 4 on the animal welfare chart as well. I’m VERY big on knowing how the animals were treated before they ended up on my plate, especially after watching factory slaughter, and reading things like the Omnivore’s Dilemma and Kill it, Cook it, Eat it. Whole Foods is pretty good because they use local farms, and they typically list what farm the animal came from. That’s why they get my money.

So, grab a roast. I like one that has some fat running through it because that’s what makes the meat so so tender!

I line the bottom of the crock pot with marble potatoes (Not really primal, but tasty!) pearl onions, and carrots. I toss in two cloves of garlic, a little salt, a little pepper, and enough water to cover, and call it finished. Yeah, seriously, that’s it. If you want to get fancy you can add some herbs, or sear the meat beforehand, or, add some sort of broth to it, but…y’know, I like it simple. I’m a simple wolf.

Then I cook it for about 8 hours. When I come home from a rough night of chasing deer and rolling in foul things with my packmates, it’s warming to come home to the smell of a meal already prepared. Take a shower, curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book, and call it an evening.

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