Dissention in the ranks, and Trout!

It’s been a little while, but I’ve decided to put on my big wolf’s panties and start writing again.

Things…have been a little difficult in the Pack. I was recently challenged, and I lost my rank. Wounds aside, I’ve fallen several ranks, leaving me pretty much near the bottom. It’s not too uncommon for a new wolf to be this way, but I’ve been a ‘Were for just a little over a year.

How the mighty have fallen, huh?

In time, I’ll recover my rank. It’s currently not important to me now, but getting myself back to fighting shape IS important. Being able to run, climb, hunt and fight is far more important than what rank I am numerically right now. We’ll see where I can be at the beginning of next year.

Especially in January. They say I’m very much going to need to know how to fight then.

Anyway, Fish!

Trout. It’s a fairly easy fish to get a hold of, and it comes ‘whole’ which is kind of awesome. My trout here was farmed, I’m not 100% sure where, to be honest, but I’m learning more about local food, and, as I do, so will you! Heck, I don’t even know what fish is in season right now, but I have read that farmed trout is sustainable, and pretty okay for you.

So, here we have two of the delightful little fishes. They’re already gutted and prepared for cooking. I like keeping the heads on as it makes them easier to handle. They don’t go falling apart everywhere.

All of the ingredients

I picked up some Rosemary, because I love rosemary with salmon, so why not the slightly more delicate trout?

So, it’s easy.

Get a glass dish. Why glass? Easier to clean up.

Line with tin-foil, and put down a pad of butter and two rounds of lemon. You make rounds of lemon by slicing slicing a lemon into round sections. It’s pretty easy. Then, lay the fish on the lemon slices:

Next, open up the fishes body. In them, where the spine used to be, put the rosemary. Then, lemon slices (Just half some rounds) and another pad of butter. then fold them shut.

Now, wrap the tin-foil up so all the steam stays there with the fish.

Finished! Pre-heat the oven to 450 and bake for about 25 minutes, or until the fish is flakey under the fork. Watch out for bones near the head and the still attached fins, but, apart from that, you’re totally set to nom away!

Plop those suckers on a plate and eat up! Peel the skin…or don’t, it’s all delicious!

Enjoy your Trout! I’m kind of wondering what I’m going to be eating next!

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  1. Quilly on said:

    Mmm,that looks amazing!

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