Tom Kha Gai

So, I’m still healing from the fight that dropped me down a few ranks. I’ve suffered a lot of emotional upset because of this. It’s strange how something that can last for only a few minutes can mess with you for so long. The physial wounds still ache when I move too much, but I’m surviving, and getting through this.

Alex, one of my subpack, reassured me that this is normal, but I need to not visit the new beta female. He says that it’s human thinking that keeps driving me towards her. He says that I want to try to ‘make things right’ and that it would only lead to problems…like the two of us in our pelts, fighting again.

I don’t know. I feel like I should go and make things right. But, it makes my muscles tighten with the thought of confronting her again. I’m going to stay here with Panda, and see about getting my place into shape.

Anyway, enough of that!

Let’s talk about Tom Kha Gai.

First off, what is it?

It’s a coconut curry soup, typically made with chicken.

I like to make it with shrimp. I also like to make it with home made chicken stock, which I learned is deeply easy to make!

Chicken Stock for Thai Style Soup

I prefer chicken backs to anything else. They’re cheap. I get mine local, air chilled and organic from Whole Foods for about $1.74 a pound. I used three for this recipe.

I whipped out with my trusty crock pot, and put the backs into the crock pot, here I also cut up a bunch of lemongrass and ginger and put it in with the chicken backs. I dumped some Celtic Sea Salt in afterwards.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, if I keep this up, I’ll get a good camera, and not use my iPod…

Then, just cover everything with water, and cook o low for five hours.

The Soup

While that’s doing it’s thing, take two pounds of shrimp. You can use just about anything, I just happen to love shrimp myself. Chicken is the usual standard and two pounds of chicken seems like it’s a pretty good guess for this. I got unshelled raw shrimp, because it was the best deal at Whole Foods. $8.99 a pound.

I deshelled the shrimp, and put cut them into three pieces. I tossed them into a large stock pot, and salted them pretty good. I’ve heard that the salt can help firm them up after they’ve thawed out.

When I was done, I rinsed them off of the salt, and set about grating my ginger.

I used a large piece of ginger (About the size of my hand), grating it on a regular hand grater. I just tossed the stuff directly into the stockpot with the shrimp. I don’t know if that’s how you’re supposed to do it or what.

Then, I cut lemongrass into inch and a half sticks, and tossed those in as well.

Four tablespoons of butter (Just kind of a hunk off the kerrygold) and I set on low medium heat. I cooked everything until the shrimp were cooked all the way through, then added 3 cans of coconut milk to the mess, along with three cans (I filled the coconut cans) full of the chicken stock you’d made earlier, and then about three tablespoons worth of red curry paste (More if you want it spicier).

Put some Fish Sauce on top of it (If you can stomach the idea of how it’s made, that is!) And then taste it to see if anything needs to be added. It’ll have a very light flavor in the beginning, so let it simmer for a little while ten minutes or so, and dish up a bowl full! You can top it off with a little lime juice for a brighter flavor it you like.

And that’s shrimp Tom Kha Gai!

Enjoy a bowl!

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