I’ll be the first to admit…

I’ve been slacking badly on this blog. Why? Because I’ve not been following any of the Primal anything that I had previously so loved.

I not too long ago (one moon) lost my job. I’m having some financial stresses and things like that, and whenever life starts stressing me this way, and badly, I turn to the one thing that has been a wonderful constant in my life.


I do tend to turn towards Witchcraft in my times of need. It makes me feel better. It makes me feel more connected to the universe as a whole, and it makes me feel like I can have an active hand in ‘fate’, such as fate is.

I, personally, believe that Witchcraft fits with the Primal Ideal. And, what better for a werewolf such as myself to practice?

I have a particular interest in Hearth and Hedgewitchery. These two forms of Witchcraft are very home based. Very hands in the dirt, and ‘we’ll get through’ sort of feel to them. I’ve always considered myself a Green/Hedge/Home/Hearth/Natural/Garden Witch, and it’s a good feeling to start that kind of thing up again, especially while I have time to focus my study.

I’m currently reading Hedgewitch by Silver Ravenwolf. Before you roll your eyes at the fact it’s Silver Ravenwolf, she’s got a lot of good advice, and learning can’t ever hurt. I happen to like her work. I like Ellen Dugan better, but…I’m not being picky. I’ll cover her work when I come to it. Right now, I’m doing this one.

So, while I get my paws underneath me, I’m going to be writing more about this. I’m going to be going through the book and sharing my thoughts with you lovely people.

ON the other foot, I climbed a mountain the other day. Litterally. I did just sort of drive up most of it, because, seriously? That’s a long ass walk… One that I would like to conquer one day. Perhaps I’ll put together a backpack of stuff and do that, from the ‘foot’ of Mt Diablo to the top.

There’s a reason we’re the Diablo Valley Pack. I climbed Mt. Diablo, and surveyed everything that my Pack owns. Everything I could see was ours. Ours as a Pack. From the Windmills of Pittsburg, to the San Francisco bay, to the Sierra Nevadas. San Francisco isn’t ‘ours’ we share the peninsula with another Pack, and we have safe passage through it, but we’re not allowed to hunt near the salt flats. Which, is fine. the salt does things to the deer. I swear.

Right now I’m sitting in the Walnut Creek library. Walnut Creek is in the shadow of Mt. Diablo, and is one of the reasons I’m mentioning it now. This place is something special to me, even though I live in an entirely separate town. I guess, it’s closer to the mountain. I guess that’s what it is I’m looking for, even though my own property butts up against rolling hills, the big mountain means so much to me.

Anyway, this is Ghost. See you all around.


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