My cat eats better than I do.

I’m very careful about what I feed my adorable cat, Vinnie.

She gets Blue Buffalo Senior formula, grain free wet food, filtered water in a bubbler, just for her.

She’s lean. You can feel her hip bones when you pet her, but not her spine. She’s got good muscle beneath her glossy fur, and bright eyes.

Her only real problem is earwax. Ew.

It’s been hot here, and she’s been hiding under the bed.

But, the sumup of this post is I feed my cat better than I feed myself. I still eat grains every so often, I still drink Horchata, I still like to eat high sugar items. I don’t know why I do that to myself. Why DO I do this to myself, shouldn’t I feed myself with more consideration? I mean, you can see obvious results with my cat, who used to be achey and lethargic.

She’s still no mouse catching machine, she never really has been. She much rather prefers to lay on her little pile of catnip that I’ve spread out on the floor for her!

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