Spaghetti Squash?

Alright, I love Spaghetti. A lot. I used to eat a half a package of it by myself.

Think of all those carbs. No wonder I’m 265lbs!!

So, tonight I made meatballs in a crock pot. Now, I actually like my meatballs a little…harder? than these turned out. These are moist and juicy, the way that it is for restaurants that leave their meatballs in the spaghetti for a long time. Which, y’know, occassionally, I find myself craving that.

I like spaghetti squash. Before learning I could put it in a crock pot, I’d not found a really great way of making it. Typically, I’d cook it in the microwaves in a shallow dish of water, and…well, it would either cook too much in one spot, or just not at all…

THEN! I came across a recipe for Spaghetti Squash in the crock pot, along with meatballs! One meal, one pot! Fantastic!

It cooked beautifully, the squash was all the way through, it was moist, and tender and awesome!

I used vodka sauce…because I love vodka sauce, and it makes me think of my time eating regular spaghetti. It’s salty, and creamy and awesome. But you can make your own in the pot at the same time!

Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs!

1 lb Ground beef
1 lb Ground Pork
Italian Seasoning
Dried minced onions
Garlic powder
1 egg
A medium sized spaghetti squash
A spaghetti sauce of one kind or another, or make your own!

Mix the ground beef and pork together in a bowl, crack the egg and dump it in, add italian seasoning till you’re happy, and a bunch of the minced onions (I like a lot of onions) and a dash of the garlic powder. Mix till everything looks about the same. Roll into balls about an inch across.

Take the Spaghetti Squash and cut it across the short center so that you’ve got two tall halves. (Does that make sense?) Scoop out the seeds and whatnot.

Pour your spaghetti sauce into the crock pot, then put your squash cut side down into the sauce. Place the meatballs all around it, and set it on low for 7 hours.

When it’s finished, spoon out all the meatballs, and carefully (I used a flat thing for frying eggs, what are those called?) take out one half of the spaghetti squash and put it on a plate. Using a fork gently scrape out all your spaghetti! There’s a lot in there, so be sure to get it all! Be careful, your squash will be hot, I recommend using two forks for this. Repeat with the other side of the squash. You might need more spaghetti sauce to go on top, but plop some of your meatballs on there and Damn, you’ve got one fine meal!

A half a cup of Spagehtti squash has about three carbs in it, the meatballs got next to none (seriously, I’d have to whip out percentages of carbs) and the pasta sauce, well, that’s really up to you! I’d say a whole meal (A cup of Spaghetti squash, meatballs and sauce) has around 8. That’s hella under the 50 recomended for every day! Maybe we should use that up by adding a side of something green? Spinach? Collards? BROCCOLI!

Tomorrow, we’ll make low carb horchata with coconut and almonds, and try to beat this crazy heat! Werewolves do not like heat!

Everyone stay safe out there, and remember to drink plenty of water!

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