Alright, A lot of you know how I feel about cardio, as in, I don’t like it at all. BUT, I’ve been finding it fairly difficult to find a job recently, and I’m sure if I were thinner, people would look at me better, so I’ve started doing Insanity.

Yeah, the hardest workout I could find.

I’m going to be doing Convict Conditioning at the same time, I’ll be doing both workouts, CC before bed, Insanity, around mid day. I just wanted to share my rather crappy numbers from the Fit Test that I just did.

Kicks: 32
Deep Jacks: 16
Left Leg Hand Taps: 35
Power Jumps: 4
Globe Jumps: 5
Suicide Jumps: 4
Pushup Jacks: 0
Low Plank Obliques: 0

Now, I know that jumping and anything having to do with pushups are not my strong suit. I’ve got to really work on those. I am proud of myself for completing the 20 minute fit test. Because, I’ve not done any sort of exercise for 20 minutes in the past…few years.

So, I managed to do this. The next video is like, 40 minutes long, which…is going to be twice what I just did. But, I’m committed. I’ll post my new numbers in two weeks, and we’ll see where I stand! Smilie: :D

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