Hey again,

So, it’s been a while hasn’t it!

The new job is so good that I can barely get any time away!

What’s been going on?

Well, I’ve been working my tail off.

I’ve joined a gym. I decided I want to get some stuff behind the stuff I’m doing. Squats, Sumo squats, some cardio (I know, I know) and a hell of a lot of water.

The people at the gym seem to be impressed with my strength. I’m pretty small, only 5’2″ but there’s a lot of muscle under the fat I carry. I do carry a massive amount of fat, which is annoying, but, I’m looking forward to trading one for another.

They say my squats are beautiful, which is good, because I’ve worked hard to have pretty squats. Now I have to do 40 of them, and…phew!

I know that it’s going to be a long journey, but, fortunately, now I have a personal trainer to do this with. I’ve cut back pretty drastically on my carbs, and I don’t drink soda anymore, except when I go out to eat, which, is now rare. It’s all water. Yeeeah, water. Hint water, when I can do that!

For a while there, I was out of touch with my wolf. I ate garbage again, I slipped. But, here I am, at 33, trying this again.

Hopefully, the blog can keep me a little more honest, and on the paws of my feet.

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