Something quick – Scallops with ground almonds and bacon.

So, one of the big problems with eating Primally is that ti takes a LOT of time! Oh my effing god, I am so tired of spending time in the kitchen.

So, I’m trying to find meals that can be thrown into a pan and finished quickly. Unfortunately…I have also learned I need a better food processor. Mine…sucks.

But, tonight’s meal was made of Scallops, almonds, bacon and parsley. No big deal, I spent less than half an hour cooking AND eating it. Prep, cooking, eating and cleanup? 40 minutes.

Alright, get yourself a pound of scallops. Doesn’t matter what kind. I got sea scallops, because they were cheaper.
Four slices of bacon.
Half a cup of almonds
a bunch of parsley.

So, cook up your bacon. Make it crisp, it’s easier that way.

Now, toss the parsley, then the almonds, then the crispy bacon into the food processor, and process until it’s like a crumble.

Now, the bacon grease? Cook your scallops in it. This is a good idea regardless of anything. Add some butter. Why? A little more salty, because salty scallops are AWESOME.

This makes about three servings. So separate it all out, and pour the crumble over the top. Then eat it. All of it. Because, I know I wasn’t able to stop, and nearly more than I should!

My food processor didn’t do anything against the parsley, but the almonds and bacon mix was amazing. A-May-Zing.

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