About Kote / Ghost

Ghost is Kote’s werewolf name.

Ghost is a member of the Diablo Valley Werewolf Pack, and takes great pride in having been initiated so swiftly.

Kote cooks, draws, quilts and writes in her spare time, and spends the rest of it out and about. Her favorite place is running around northern California, in paws or a pair of Vibrams.

She started her journey in Primal living when she became a Werewolf in September of 2011. She started off at 275 lbs.

This is her ticker now…

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If you have any questions, you can contact her at Ghost@Lycanthropology.com

As well as on AIM: PrimalWerewolf

7 comments on “About Kote / Ghost

  1. Myrtle from Omegle on said:

    Hi Ghost, we met on Omegle and my computer spontaneously shut off, disconnecting me from the chat. I was having a great time talking and hope you see this so that we can become friends. Please email me anytime or contact me on my blog at tea-with-ghosties.tumblr/ask


  2. Quilly on said:

    Hey Ghost, just stumbled across this blog. I love it! I wish I had a pack of my own over here in the Middle East. But everyone here is lame.

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