Living Primally

Kote started living Primally in September of 2011, in the interest of losing weight.

She started off after this secret was posted:

The secret was posted in LJ secrets, prompting this response: Maybe you should check out Marks Daily instead?.

She checked out Mark’s Daily Apple. And was interested.

She got the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, and was amazed. She began living primally right away!

Eventually, her secret made it here:

And the responses here: Lj Secret

She eventually included The Gnoll Creedo into her reading, and was fascinated. She made contact with a werewolf Pack, and they opened their Pack to her.

She was Bitten in Mid September, and became one of them.

She eats like them, exercises like them, and enjoys life like them. She IS one of them.

Now, she studies Lycanthropology, the Study of Werewolves.

And shares it with you.

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