About Lycanthropology.com

All of the content on this website belongs to the Author of Sacred Grounds.

Nothing here is intended as medical advice. You’re probably not a werewolf.

The recipes, however, are delicious, and each one is tested by the Author.

The header images are copyright Dark Natasha at Dark Natasha . com and are not intended for sale here. If you like her artwork, go there and enjoy!

In all truth…

The weight loss journey here is mine, the exercise, and the things I eat are the truth as well.

I like werewolves.

I like the Primal Blueprint.

The Gnoll Creedo helped me understand a more primal nature, a living a more animalistic life. I wanted to put that in a way that I could express, through my adoration of werewolves, within the framework of my own world of Sacred Grounds.

Am I really a werewolf?

I’m not really Kote, I just write her.

We’ll leave it at that.

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