Tom Ka Hotdog?

I know, it’s been a very long time since I last updated.

I’m currently unemployed again, so I’m taking that time to catch up on the things I enjoy doing. Writing this blog is one of those!

I’m up late night here in the Diablo Valley. I decided, that, despite the food I was given earlier today, I was still hungry, and needed something more…Primal…to satisfy my needs.

Unfortunately, due to being laid off, I’m not exactly rolling in funds. So I purchased a sack of hot dogs for $3, which I’ve been eating on for a few weeks. That’s right, weeks.

I also have some bell peppers, and a few other little primal treats here or there, so I decided to take my Tom Ka Gui recipe, and whip up something delicious!

Two hot dogs
six small bell peppers in two colors
A hand-full of mushrooms
one can coconut milk
Ginger (The ground stuff in a tube is fine!)
Garlic (Again, pre-cut is great!)
Red curry paste

Butter your pan for frying. Use a 12″ sauce pan if you’ve got one. A frying pan will work as well, but it will be a bit harder to stir.

Slice the hot dogs up into small sections, and cut the peppers into small rounds, then prepare the mushrooms (wash, rinse, you get the idea) and fry them briefly in the pan in the butter. Now, originally, I was planning on stopping there, tossing it with a bit of olive oil and having at, but, as I looked at my concoction, I decided it wasn’t…ME enough. So, fry everything till it looks ready to eat. (Brown the hot dogs?)

I added the whole can of chilled coconut milk, about 1 1/2 tbl of ginger, and about a tsp of garlic. Then I added about 2 tsp of red curry paste. I brought it to a bit of a simmer, and let it do its thing for a while, stirring contentiously. Add a bit of salt to taste.

Put in a bowl, and serve! It should make enough for two. (Or…y’know, one, if you’re a hungry werewolf.)

I guess this should let you know that if you know the flavors you’re working with, you shouldn’t be afraid to deviate from what you know!


Ha woo woo!

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Northern California parks

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed most these days has been going to very local parks. Recently, one has come to my attention, a small park called Stoneman.

Even without running on four legs, this is a lovely park. It was a little wet for me to explore further, but it had the Northern California rolling hills, practically mountains. I sat down in the picnic area, where the trees offered some shade, as the sun was a little hot. I sewed some of the patches onto my jacket. I sewed on the Redwood Interpretive society, the Mt St. Helens, and another Yellowstone one, with Ol’ Faithful.

I’ll be making a habit of going back to this park! I’ll take pictures next time.

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I’ll be the first to admit…

I’ve been slacking badly on this blog. Why? Because I’ve not been following any of the Primal anything that I had previously so loved.

I not too long ago (one moon) lost my job. I’m having some financial stresses and things like that, and whenever life starts stressing me this way, and badly, I turn to the one thing that has been a wonderful constant in my life.


I do tend to turn towards Witchcraft in my times of need. It makes me feel better. It makes me feel more connected to the universe as a whole, and it makes me feel like I can have an active hand in ‘fate’, such as fate is.

I, personally, believe that Witchcraft fits with the Primal Ideal. And, what better for a werewolf such as myself to practice?

I have a particular interest in Hearth and Hedgewitchery. These two forms of Witchcraft are very home based. Very hands in the dirt, and ‘we’ll get through’ sort of feel to them. I’ve always considered myself a Green/Hedge/Home/Hearth/Natural/Garden Witch, and it’s a good feeling to start that kind of thing up again, especially while I have time to focus my study.

I’m currently reading Hedgewitch by Silver Ravenwolf. Before you roll your eyes at the fact it’s Silver Ravenwolf, she’s got a lot of good advice, and learning can’t ever hurt. I happen to like her work. I like Ellen Dugan better, but…I’m not being picky. I’ll cover her work when I come to it. Right now, I’m doing this one.

So, while I get my paws underneath me, I’m going to be writing more about this. I’m going to be going through the book and sharing my thoughts with you lovely people.

ON the other foot, I climbed a mountain the other day. Litterally. I did just sort of drive up most of it, because, seriously? That’s a long ass walk… One that I would like to conquer one day. Perhaps I’ll put together a backpack of stuff and do that, from the ‘foot’ of Mt Diablo to the top.

There’s a reason we’re the Diablo Valley Pack. I climbed Mt. Diablo, and surveyed everything that my Pack owns. Everything I could see was ours. Ours as a Pack. From the Windmills of Pittsburg, to the San Francisco bay, to the Sierra Nevadas. San Francisco isn’t ‘ours’ we share the peninsula with another Pack, and we have safe passage through it, but we’re not allowed to hunt near the salt flats. Which, is fine. the salt does things to the deer. I swear.

Right now I’m sitting in the Walnut Creek library. Walnut Creek is in the shadow of Mt. Diablo, and is one of the reasons I’m mentioning it now. This place is something special to me, even though I live in an entirely separate town. I guess, it’s closer to the mountain. I guess that’s what it is I’m looking for, even though my own property butts up against rolling hills, the big mountain means so much to me.

Anyway, this is Ghost. See you all around.


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Tom Kha Gai

So, I’m still healing from the fight that dropped me down a few ranks. I’ve suffered a lot of emotional upset because of this. It’s strange how something that can last for only a few minutes can mess with you for so long. The physial wounds still ache when I move too much, but I’m surviving, and getting through this.

Alex, one of my subpack, reassured me that this is normal, but I need to not visit the new beta female. He says that it’s human thinking that keeps driving me towards her. He says that I want to try to ‘make things right’ and that it would only lead to problems…like the two of us in our pelts, fighting again.

I don’t know. I feel like I should go and make things right. But, it makes my muscles tighten with the thought of confronting her again. I’m going to stay here with Panda, and see about getting my place into shape.

Anyway, enough of that!

Let’s talk about Tom Kha Gai.

First off, what is it?

It’s a coconut curry soup, typically made with chicken.

I like to make it with shrimp. I also like to make it with home made chicken stock, which I learned is deeply easy to make!

Chicken Stock for Thai Style Soup

I prefer chicken backs to anything else. They’re cheap. I get mine local, air chilled and organic from Whole Foods for about $1.74 a pound. I used three for this recipe.

I whipped out with my trusty crock pot, and put the backs into the crock pot, here I also cut up a bunch of lemongrass and ginger and put it in with the chicken backs. I dumped some Celtic Sea Salt in afterwards.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, if I keep this up, I’ll get a good camera, and not use my iPod…

Then, just cover everything with water, and cook o low for five hours.

The Soup

While that’s doing it’s thing, take two pounds of shrimp. You can use just about anything, I just happen to love shrimp myself. Chicken is the usual standard and two pounds of chicken seems like it’s a pretty good guess for this. I got unshelled raw shrimp, because it was the best deal at Whole Foods. $8.99 a pound.

I deshelled the shrimp, and put cut them into three pieces. I tossed them into a large stock pot, and salted them pretty good. I’ve heard that the salt can help firm them up after they’ve thawed out.

When I was done, I rinsed them off of the salt, and set about grating my ginger.

I used a large piece of ginger (About the size of my hand), grating it on a regular hand grater. I just tossed the stuff directly into the stockpot with the shrimp. I don’t know if that’s how you’re supposed to do it or what.

Then, I cut lemongrass into inch and a half sticks, and tossed those in as well.

Four tablespoons of butter (Just kind of a hunk off the kerrygold) and I set on low medium heat. I cooked everything until the shrimp were cooked all the way through, then added 3 cans of coconut milk to the mess, along with three cans (I filled the coconut cans) full of the chicken stock you’d made earlier, and then about three tablespoons worth of red curry paste (More if you want it spicier).

Put some Fish Sauce on top of it (If you can stomach the idea of how it’s made, that is!) And then taste it to see if anything needs to be added. It’ll have a very light flavor in the beginning, so let it simmer for a little while ten minutes or so, and dish up a bowl full! You can top it off with a little lime juice for a brighter flavor it you like.

And that’s shrimp Tom Kha Gai!

Enjoy a bowl!

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Dissention in the ranks, and Trout!

It’s been a little while, but I’ve decided to put on my big wolf’s panties and start writing again.

Things…have been a little difficult in the Pack. I was recently challenged, and I lost my rank. Wounds aside, I’ve fallen several ranks, leaving me pretty much near the bottom. It’s not too uncommon for a new wolf to be this way, but I’ve been a ‘Were for just a little over a year.

How the mighty have fallen, huh?

In time, I’ll recover my rank. It’s currently not important to me now, but getting myself back to fighting shape IS important. Being able to run, climb, hunt and fight is far more important than what rank I am numerically right now. We’ll see where I can be at the beginning of next year.

Especially in January. They say I’m very much going to need to know how to fight then.

Anyway, Fish!

Trout. It’s a fairly easy fish to get a hold of, and it comes ‘whole’ which is kind of awesome. My trout here was farmed, I’m not 100% sure where, to be honest, but I’m learning more about local food, and, as I do, so will you! Heck, I don’t even know what fish is in season right now, but I have read that farmed trout is sustainable, and pretty okay for you.

So, here we have two of the delightful little fishes. They’re already gutted and prepared for cooking. I like keeping the heads on as it makes them easier to handle. They don’t go falling apart everywhere.

All of the ingredients

I picked up some Rosemary, because I love rosemary with salmon, so why not the slightly more delicate trout?

So, it’s easy.

Get a glass dish. Why glass? Easier to clean up.

Line with tin-foil, and put down a pad of butter and two rounds of lemon. You make rounds of lemon by slicing slicing a lemon into round sections. It’s pretty easy. Then, lay the fish on the lemon slices:

Next, open up the fishes body. In them, where the spine used to be, put the rosemary. Then, lemon slices (Just half some rounds) and another pad of butter. then fold them shut.

Now, wrap the tin-foil up so all the steam stays there with the fish.

Finished! Pre-heat the oven to 450 and bake for about 25 minutes, or until the fish is flakey under the fork. Watch out for bones near the head and the still attached fins, but, apart from that, you’re totally set to nom away!

Plop those suckers on a plate and eat up! Peel the skin…or don’t, it’s all delicious!

Enjoy your Trout! I’m kind of wondering what I’m going to be eating next!

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And we’re back…with Pot Roast.

I’ve been a bad werewolf.

I’ve not been updating here. I’ve been falling back on old human habits. Ones that do not benefit me, they do not benefit my Pack.

Before, living as a ‘wolf, everything was better. I had more energy, I was noticeably thinner, life was fantastic.

Then, bad things happened.

BUT! I’m working my way out of my funk. I’m working to reclaim that part of me that is Werewolf.

I am GHOST. Not the weak little human that I’m eating as.

So, I will be reclaiming myself as the were-creature I am.

And to start…it’s with Pot Roast.


Seriously. Is there anything more Primal than Pot roast? Okay, yes, there is, BBQ. Meat over a fire, eat. Not hard.

But Pot roast has the added benefit that you can jam it into a crock pot and go about re-arranging your collection of animal skulls for eight hours. (Actually, I have very few skulls, and would only need about a minute to re-arrange them…Smilie: ;) and then come back to some amazing delicious food.

The way I make Pot-Roast is simple. I grab a hunk of meat from Whole foods. That’s Grass Fed beef for those of you just joining us now. That’s Stage 4 on the animal welfare chart as well. I’m VERY big on knowing how the animals were treated before they ended up on my plate, especially after watching factory slaughter, and reading things like the Omnivore’s Dilemma and Kill it, Cook it, Eat it. Whole Foods is pretty good because they use local farms, and they typically list what farm the animal came from. That’s why they get my money.

So, grab a roast. I like one that has some fat running through it because that’s what makes the meat so so tender!

I line the bottom of the crock pot with marble potatoes (Not really primal, but tasty!) pearl onions, and carrots. I toss in two cloves of garlic, a little salt, a little pepper, and enough water to cover, and call it finished. Yeah, seriously, that’s it. If you want to get fancy you can add some herbs, or sear the meat beforehand, or, add some sort of broth to it, but…y’know, I like it simple. I’m a simple wolf.

Then I cook it for about 8 hours. When I come home from a rough night of chasing deer and rolling in foul things with my packmates, it’s warming to come home to the smell of a meal already prepared. Take a shower, curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book, and call it an evening.

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Bone Broth

So, I’m a pretty awesome pervert, and Bone Broth sounds like something out of an ERP…(Erotic Role Play) but, I finally decided to add it to my primal arsenal.

I took two smoked pork femurs, tossed them into a pot with enough water to cover them, and boiled them for about four hours.

The stock it made is meaty, salty, smokey and delicious. It’s a little bacon-y.

I’m going to be reserving it for breakfast, as well as making a coconut curry soup out of it.

I also made greens tonight, because, yeah, I can’t get enough of them. I also find that the ‘fresh’ greens from the store that need to be hand shreaded are a LOT better than the pre-shreaded ones. I used some of my fresh bone broth to start the collards off, and it was just too good!

Now, I’m waiting for the Bone Broth to cool, then I’ll toss it in the fridge and go to bed!

Maybe I’ll learn how to can bone broth. Oh, it’s just put it in a jar and put it in the refrigerator. Cool story bro.

Anyway, I now have bone broth. It’s got jell-o on the top. OMN NOM NOM NOM!

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Help a farm get established!

You all know how big I am on grass-fed organic goodness. I think we need a lot more small local farms doling out delicious pasture raised food in small sustainable ways.

SO a friend of mine is working on building her farm. I’ve visited the land, and they are making this happen! But, they could use your help!

They’re working with a kickstarter project for their farm in southern Minnesota. If you’ve got extra money to spare, I know these people, they are hard workers, and I know they’re going to do this!

Lend a farm a hand!

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What’s been up!

So, my cortisol levels have been elevated recently, thanks to all of the stress I’ve been under.

Cortisol’s a chemical that helps hang on to weight, and it’s stress related. Which, is kind of unfortunate.

I have, however, been having a LOT of fun on Fitocracy. I’ve got an account over there that I very much enjoy. I’m hoping they do more with the points. Like, make it more of an RPG.

If you’re interested in a code, let me know!

On the werewolf front, things have been pretty good. I’m a ‘mid level’ pack member, not the omega, not the alpha, and I am 100% comfortable in that place at this time.

I also have lost my car. That means that I no longer have a car to get from point A to point B. This means that it’s going to be me doing that thing that wolves are so known for… walking miles every day.

I also made myself some more greens for lunch for the week, and I’ve got some coconut soup that I’ll be making this week as well, provided I can get from point A to point B, A being work, and B being home without having to take out a mortgage.

I’m going to get my bike repaired this week. Then I’ll save more money, bike 8 miles a day, and that will be my ‘move slowly’. Since, I know I won’t be able to move very quickly on my bike. Ha!

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Collard Greens

So, for those of you who don’t know, I have family roots in the south.

Some of my Kin are Hillfolk. Real ones. Ones that know how to live off of the land, and survive no matter what.

That’s the kind of stock I’m bred from.

So! I decided to embrace my roots and get some dark leafy greens into my diet, I chose COLLARD GREENS!

Collard greens are basically these huge leaves. Like, huge.

I got two bunches, and some salt pork.

The first thing I did was wash the leaves. Water got EVERYWHERE when I did it! It was kind of fun.

Then I tore the leaves into smaller pieces, and washed them again. I salted some water, and set it to boil. When it started, I dropped my chunk o’ salt pork in there, and let it boil for about fifteen minutes.

Then, I dropped in the greens! A little more salt, some stirring, and I let that simmer for about an hour! I dropped in about two tablespoons of real butter, and had some of the BEST greens ever. I sliced up the salt pork and stored some in with the greens so that the flavor kept flavoring. And then I ate ALL OF THEM in one day. Because they were that good.

You know you want to go to the store and buy some, and give them a shot.

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