Proof in the Pictures

So, this first picture is of me with my driver’s license.

And, now, still at 250, but look at the difference!

That is quite a difference. I tried to get them both in similar positions.

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Eat like a Predator! You are one!

So, over at they’ve got a pretty basic way of living like a Werewolf. I like the way the blog’s author, a Gnoll by the name of J. Stanton recommends These Few Steps

Basically, J. Stanton gives you some advice on how to live the Paleo life, taking steps to do so. Eating like a predator is probably one of the more difficult steps.

Mainly, this is because you have to give up so much that you’re used to eating. Even I’m having trouble with it, because I tend to prefer chicken. Yes, I wrap my chicken in bacon, but I don’t think I’m getting everything I need, because you’re supposed to base your meals around red meat. Omn.

So, I’m going to start doing the meat thing a little more. I do love chicken, but I should be eating more ruminants (that’s critters who have hooves and eat grass, cows, deer, goats, sheep). I also need to learn more about organ meats, and doing things with bones. I was taught that these pieces are ‘throw away’ which means you don’t eat them. But, I’d love to learn how! I really want to learn how to make bone stock. I just haven’t had the space or the time! Once we finally get cabnients in the house, this should be quite a bit better. I’m chattering.

Salmon is also my favorite fish. I eat it by the boatload! I eat it when I can. I’ve also started adding veggies into my diet. Mainly dark green ones. I’m learning how to cook greens too, because I love them! Omn!

Sofar, I’ve managed to cut out soda entirely. I don’t drink it. I drink coffee, milk, or water. Yes, I know milk’s not the best, but I drink whole milk, and when I can get it, cream top.

I’ve also ditched the sugar from my morning coffee, and now when I try to drink it the way I used to, it’s just FAR too sweet. Which, is good I think!

I’ve also cut out seed oils from my diet. I don’t use canola, or corn oil. I use coconut oil, or bacon grease. I’ll admit, I like the bacon grease best. ^_^

I also don’t particularly like nuts, so it’s not like that’s been difficult.

I’ve still got a long way to go, especially if we’re talking about getting enough sleep! I’m such a night owl!


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Convict Conditioning: A wolf in a cage

So, I just finished Convict Conditioning. Yeah, the books expensive, but you can also get it for e-readers, I got mine for the kindle. Still $17.99 is a steep price to pay.

I’m not sure if there’s a wealth of information in the digital pages of the book, but it’s the way the author communicates the steps, and actually encourages the novice to sit down and at least TRY the moves in the book that really kept me reading.

The reasons behind the ‘Big Six’ are explained, anatomically, why they’re both efficient, and how to work slowly into them. For a werewolf like me, someone who’s fairly fat-bound, having a crucial ‘beginning’ step really makes or breaks the ability to do it. The author also encourages you to work very slowly, take a MONTH to really master the first move, even if you can bust out 50 push ups no problem, learn the wall pushups (the step 1, or easiest move) so that you strengthen things that you might not have noticed needed strengthening. And, for fluffywolfs like me, you work your way into it. Like the Primal Blueprint, it’s not a thing that needs to happen all at once, but it’s a lifestyle change. And, the first part of it isn’t meant to tear you up. That comes later.

With the handstand pushups.

For me, though, I’m going to start slow, comfortable, on Monday with regular wall pushups and some of the inverted squats. I’m already able to do wall pushups (I like doing them in fact!), well, to be totally honest, I can leap straight to level 5, the ‘true’ pushups, and get several of those out, but my form is bad, and I really struggle. So, back to square uno, and getting my form to be MUCH better.

We’ll see! I’m interested in building muscle. Apparently, the more muscle, the bigger the resulting werewolf. In my ‘werewolf’ form, I’m seven feet tall, my wolf is pretty big and fat too. It looks…goofy. I look like a big silver hyena.

I’m looking forward to changing that!

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A couple of pictures!

So, I thought I’d just share some things that I’ve seen in my recent wanderings.

Yes. ::laughs!!:: I like it.

I’ve also started reading Convict Conditioning. Sofar, I like it, because it takes into account that I’m a soft doughey werewolf who doesn’t really have the expendable income for a gym. So, I thought that it’d be awesome if I gave it a go! I’m looking forward to starting up with it. Can I even DO 3 sets of 50 wall pushups? Hey, it’s going to be a wild ride! And, being a werewolf it should make it a lot easier to do! And, a lot of fun!

I also got some art of my wolf self, Ghost. I bought it from Myenia a long time ago (MFF for those of you who know the acronym!) and I’m pretty happy with it! Not happy with how she shipped it, it was stuck in two envelopes and taped up, pretty crappy choice, as it got bent, but, hey, the art’s good.

Woo woo.

Okay, I’ll let you all know what I feel like after I start my Convict Conditioning!

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A few good things here. In light of my recent blog post about the benefits of going Primal. I spent most of the day cleaning. I’m not much of a cleaner, I just don’t have the energy for it.


I do now.

I’ve ‘deep cleaned’ about 30% of my bedroom. The other 70% will be tomorrow.

I need to go to the store and grab some steaks and salmon. Some eggs. Some bacon. I have deer for tomorrow!!

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Guess who forgot it was the full moon last night?

Yeeeah, that’d be me.

I was at work late when I got a tweet about how it was the full moon today. My phone got lost on the train, and I haven’t bothered to replace it, so I didn’t get any messages the Pack said they sent me.

So, I booked it out of there as quickly as I could, but…didn’t really make it in time.

I did manage to make it to a little park, and spent the whole night running around in circles looking for my Pack.

People say it’s because werewolves are savage that they destroy rooms when they’re isolated on the full moon, but…that’s not it at all. I just wanted my Pack. I had to find my Pack. I called and called for them. I’m sure the people living in the area are going to be on the lookout for a howling dog or something.

Fortunately, I woke up, sore, dirty, naked, and alone. I went back to my car, dressed, and took the morning off from work while I recovered.

I’m exhausted, there’s a bunch of worried emails in my inbox, along with an angry one from the Alpha female. I’ve gotta go over there and apologize this week. I’m curious as to what that’s going to entail. I’m certain it’s not going to be with words, and I’m a little worried.

Oh, so much to worry about.

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What have I been up to?

It’s been busy!

I’m settling into the new job, the Pack has been amazing, and I’ve been doing a lot of hanging out with them.

It’s…unusual to go from being so anti-social to being so social. I sit and talk with my co-workers. I feel just fine talking to strangers. I have no fear of the phone (Which, I lost!!)

I actually was just invited to a pot luck! I’m taking my girlfriend out on that day, but I would have totally gone, bringing bacon wrapped chicken, steak, and my newest idea…meatballs! This would have been my second Pot Luck of the year, but, I promised Dani Shabu Shabu (primal!) and maybe the Field Museum as well! It’ll be a lot of fun! I love showing her new things, and the museum is so amazing. I hope she likes it as much as I do.

Also, I’m working my way through Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. It’s been a MUCH easier read than Good Calories, Bad Calories. He said in the introduction that it was a book for the people who kind of had to fight their way through Good Calories, Bad Calories. I do think that the beginning sounds a little defeatist, with the whole ‘Your genes control everything’ but I remembered Mark Sisson’s idea of ‘You can control your genes’ and made it all the way through the sections about that.

I do recomend it for anyone who’s curious about the science behind why going Primal works. But, if you just want the basic idea, it’s pretty much summed up in Fat Head, which is available on Netflix.

Admittedly, I’m still at about 255 lbs a the moment, but let me tell you about some of the amazing changes in my body.

My ‘Chicken Skin’ Keratosis Pilaris

Very nearly gone. I’ve never had skin this CLEAR in my life. The big ‘full’ swells are almost entirely gone, I haven’t found more than one on my upper arm in a while. My lower arms are still a little inflamed and still a little obvious, but it doesn’t feel like sandpaper anymore.

My Osgood Schlatter’s Symptoms

I went to show a co-worker my OS bump on my leg…

And I couldn’t FIND it. Ever since I was 13 I haven’t been able to feel that bump on my leg. Now all there is is a depression, and some serious muscle around it. I thought I’d have to deal with that for the rest of my life, like my KP, but it’s GONE.

Primal is also supposed to reduce inflammation, and now I seriously agree that it does. I walked 12 blocks today too, and my knee IS NOT killing me. For once in my LIFE! It’s AMAZING.


I WANT to do it, and I’m doing goofy things like dragging my co-workers 12 blocks for lunch (They loved it) and RUNNING like my life depended on it for as far as I think I can. (Which admittedly it wasn’t very far.) I actually started working with the thing at work to start training myself into pullups.


Admittedly, I’ve been feeling a little fragile where relationships with some of my friends are concerned. I’m getting more and more tired of having to defend myself, and it’s causing me to withdraw, and not want to be in various places. But, others have really, REALLY been stepping forward to show me that I do exist, and that they like me the way I am, and that I don’t have to defend myself at all. Which, is really refreshing.

Apart from that, I’ve been stellar! I’m enjoying my life, I’m enjoying primal, and OMG I love frickin’ yellowfin!

Full moon soon! So excited!

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Sore…Shifting and Steak!

So, as you may have noticed I’m taking a little bit of a break from the 21 day Transformation. Apart from my own transformation tonight (Full moon…POT LUCK! I’m bringing Bacon Wrapped Chicken, steak, and two hot dogs for the pups.

I did the PME workout…And I am SORE! It wasn’t even all that impressive (See previous post) and it made my inner thighs KILL ME. I couldn’t so much sit down as get to a point and fall into my chair! So, There was no way I was able to do any sort of cardio. I think…I’ll just take a little time, repeat day 4 a few times till I’m not ACHING SORE, and keep eating the delicious food that I’m eating now.

Ah, breakfast was a few strips of bacon, and lunch was chicken and onions cooked in the bacon grease with a little olive oil on top.


Going to have a howling good time tonight! I’ll let you all know what we’re up to tonight. I’m seriously looking forward to seeing my Pack again. I wish we did this more often than once a month!!

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Day 3

After this post, I’ll be all nice and caught up!

I preped on day 2, here’s what I wrote:

Day 3 Prep

Wake at 6:30
Check baseline PEM
Plan for 20 minutes of Kenectimals

Have a good breakfast!

And here’s what happened!

Day 3

Primal Celebration Dinner Planning

Fortunately for me, there’s already a Celebration planned for the same day! I’ll be going to a potluck with friends, and I’m intending on bringing my now famous Primal Jalapeno Chicken and Bacon wraps, as well as Steak wraps, and hot dog wraps!

Boycott Industrialize Food

Where I work bring in food. They seem to know and understand that I’m on a Gluten free diet, and my co-workers help me get delicious low carb food. I gave my cookie away, I gave my bread away, and traded a sandwich for a spinach salad that was fantastic!

Hardest Part

The chocolates in the kitchen were calling me, but their siren song wasn’t nearly as strong!

Best part

That salad was amazing, and delicious. Having so many co-workers who know about, and support my diet!

Full Length PME Workout

Success Score: 2
Location: Bedroom
Duration: 10 Minutes

Reps Completed:
Pushups Set 1: 8
Pushups Set 2: 7
Squats Set 1: 15
Squats Set 2: 9
Pullups: Didn’t even try, I know they’re a 0
Plank Duration 1: 1:07
Plank Duration 2: 0:32.8

Spontaneous Play Session

I’m sad to say that this didn’t happen. ;_; I ended up going straight to my room. I should really have played with my cats!

Steps taken towards Grand Play Outing: I’m thinking going to Mt. Diablo National Park and playing around. Should be a lot of fun. I just got a boomerang, so we’ll see how that goes!

Summary Comments

Daily Energy Levels: 7
Hunger Between Meals: 2
Satisfaction level with Meals: 8
Struggles today with Primal Efforts: Chocolates. It’s a little better now that I’m more resolute in my dedication to Primal. Also, making time for play is really difficult.

Benefits noticed from Primal Efforts: The chocolate’s call is quieter, my co-workers know and understand what I’m doing, and I feel really, really good in general.

Daily Highlights
My Coworkers knowing and understanding. This actually really means a LOT to me.

Daily Needs-to-Improve
I really need to make time for play, and sleep. It’s nearly midnight now, and I have to be up at 6:30 in order to get up, get in the shower and get to work on time. I also need to drink more water. I don’t think I drank nearly enough today, and I’ve a bit of a dehydration headache.

Tomorrow, I plan on writing an entry about being a Werewolf in the City of San Francisco, and the observations I’m noticing as the moon gets fuller, as well as Day Four!

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Day 2

Here’s Day two, by format!

Primal Shopping Spree

Stores Visted

Whole Foods

Hardest Part

Deciding against ‘then and now’ foods. Things like sushi, which is ready to eat, the pot pies looked really tasty, and I know the crust is hella good.

Best Part

The Staff at Whole foods was super friendly!


I treated myself to the usual Whole Foods Shopping Trip scallops, and found that I like the smaller, sweeter bay scallops the best!

Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout

Location: San Francisco
Activity: Walking
Duration: 20 Minutes

Calm Relaxing Evening

Suggestions you followed

Dimmed lights, Screen curfew, Primal Diary Time, Cat time

Daily Energy Level: 8
Hunger Between Meals: 2

Struggles today with Primal Efforts

Going for the walk. I really didn’t want to go.
Saying “No!” to the mini Crunch bars in the Kitchen at work – But I did!
I did have White Rice and soy sauce with my sushi, as well as 5 sugar cubes in my massive amount of tea, and half and half.

Benifits from Primal Efforts

Still in a Fantastic Mood!

Daily Highlight

Going to Whole foods!

Daily Needs to Improve

Bedtime… >.>;
I need to work out more

Overall Score: 6

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